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Any Company Registered to Do Business in Pennsylvania Now Subject to Lawsui

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled in September that companies that are registered to conduct business in Pennsylvania may now be sued in the Pennsylvania state courts. Murray v. Am. LaFrance, LLC, ... Read more

SBA 8A Program

SBA 8(a) Program The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) implemented the 8(a) Business Development Program to benefit small business owners who are either socially or economically disadvantaged b ... Read more

Third Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Plaintiff’s Fraud Claim

In Downs v. Andrews, The Third Circuit held that the gist of the action doctrine barred plaintiff from bringing a fraud claim. 639 Fed.Appx. 816 (2016). Plaintiffs brought suit for fraud in connection ... Read more

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Holds That Disclosure of Truthful Information

In Walnut Street Associates, Inc. v. Brokerage Concepts, Inc., the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania held that the disclosure of truthful information regarding an employee does not constitute tortious int ... Read more

Buying real estate with Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency Expected to . . .

Buying Real Estate With Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency Expected to Become New Norm in Real Estate Transactions As part of the 10 year retrospective, Roy Oppenheim will be republishing blogs from ... Read more

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