Broadcasting your thoughts, images, location and more have become the norm. Sharing your deepest feelings to hundreds of your closest friends - or enemies - has led to an explosion of privacy issues. Police and insurance companies use Facebook and similar sites to find for incriminating evidence, and future employers want to review your information to make sure you aren't going to embarrass them. Start here to learn how these sites work and how you can protect yourself before you end up in trouble.

Privacy and Protecting Yourself Online

It should come as no shock that not everyone online has the same desire to keep your information safe. Phishing attacks, "spearphishing,” fake trustmarks on e-commerce sites and more that many people on web are there to steal your identity, hack into your computer and take your money.

Criminal Activity

Criminals have always exploited technology for their personal gain, and social media sites haven’t been an exception. However, it does work both ways, and has made it easier for law enforcement to find them as well.


Families may no longer live near each other, and social media is an easy way to stay in touch. But there are times they aren't very family friendly.


Marriage & Divorce


Businesses are using social media for many reasons: Marketing, connecting with customers, and giving employees a way to be more creative and more satisfied.