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OPM Disability Retirement under FERS or CSRS: Major Depressive Disorder

The Internet allows for everyone to have access to information; what it does not do, is to methodologically assure the sequencing of accuracy, legitimacy, or even of relevance in the wide disseminat ... Read more

What You Don't Know About Spoofing Can Hurt You In A Divorce.

Spoofing is an illegal tactic used by some spouses to fabricate evidence that can be used against the other spouse in divorce litigation.Spoofing involves entering a fake telephone number to appear in ... Read more

Cyberbullying and Kids: What is it?

Bullying behavior has existed as long as people have walked this planet. Bullying isunwanted, aggressive behavior expressed verbally, socially, physically, or often through a combination of these beha ... Read more

Can I Serve My Spouse by Facebook in Florida?

Unlike at least one family law court in theUnited Kingdom, Florida judges don’t have the option of allowing Facebook service of initial divorce documents. Florida service is governed by statute ... Read more

Your Kids and Social Media

We read almost daily about the negative impact of social media on children ---cyberbullying, defriending, sexting ---- is there anything positive to be said? The good news answer is yes, according to ... Read more

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