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Internet law or cyberlaw encompasses the lawyer regulation of cyberspace, Internet business, and e-commerce transactions. This emerging branch of mostly judge-made Internet law is answering unique Internet lawyer legal questions generated by the Internet's incredible growth, including matters touching online censorship, intellectual property protections, privacy, security issues, defamation, contract, licensing rights, taxation, and Internet crime law. Please read on to find an Internet lawyer, Internet attorney or to learn more about Internet crime law. Internet lawyer and attorney listings provided by

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Shopping Online
Increase your chances of getting wrapped gifts rather than ripped off with some common-sense suggestions. The Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission can provide more information.
Online Advertising
Before you start selling on the Web, don't forget about your friends at the Federal Trade Commission, because they certainly haven't forgotten about you.
Libel Online
You can be sued for comments you make on the internet, if they are defamatory, disparaging or are otherwise unlawful. Don't think that using a screen name will let you say anything you want with impunity. You can be tracked through your IP address, and those comments may come back to haunt you.
Protecting Your Kids Online
Are you worried about your child's safety on the Web? The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act is now in effect. That will affect parents, kids and online businesses.
E-Commerce: Internet Licenses and Permits
Typically, the licenses and permits that are required to start a business are the same as those required to start an Internet or E-Commerce business. All businesses are required to obtain a business license. Other required permits and licenses will vary depending on your state and type of business.
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